CulturalDeTour Shines at Days of Slovenian Tourism

21 Nov 2023

CulturalDeTour, the innovative tourism accelerator, was presented in parralel to the prestigious Days of Slovenian Tourism (DST) in Nova Gorica from November 13 to 15, captivating attendees with its cutting-edge program and inviting SME's from the hospitality and tourism sector to embark on a journey of transformation.


The Days of Slovenian Tourism, organized by the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) in collaboration with the Ministry of the Economy, Tourism, and Sport, along with industry partners, served as a platform for showcasing Slovenia's tourism prowess and exploring the transformative potential of artificial intelligence and new business models in the sector.

At the hospitality and tourism convention, CulturalDeTour set up a dynamic stall, attracting a steady stream of visitors eager to learn more about its innovative program. The accelerator's team shared its vision of empowering SME's to harness the power of technology and create truly exceptional tourism experiences.

20231113_093054.jpg  P_20231113_112817.jpg

The engaging presentation and the tangible benefits offered by CulturalDeTour resonated deeply with the attendees, piquing their interest and inspiring them to consider the accelerator's program as a catalyst for their business growth.