CulturalDeTour is the product of a unique collaboration between three heterogenous yet complementary partners from across the European Union. Combining the strengths and knowledge of a tourism support organization, an innovation lab, and a business support organization, the partners behind the CulturalDeTour project together bring the ideal multi-disciplinary skill set to understand the challenges and needs of SCT companies today.


Envolve Entrepreneurship (GR)

Envolve Entrepreneurship is an entrepreneurship support organization, founded by the Libra Group, that provides resources, education and award programs for start-up businesses globally. The organization supports job creation and economic growth in Greece and the USA, and encompasses the former Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award (HEA) and the American Entrepreneurship Award (AEA), representing a combined total of 61 winners since 2012. Striving for a global society where all business owners can prosper and grow, Envolve is committed to developing and cultivating entrepreneurial ecosystems by ensuring business support services are more readily available to diverse entrepreneurs.



Finnova (ES)

FINNOVA is a foundation that works for the promotion and development of innovation and entrepreneurship at the EU level. With its head office in Brussels and an affiliated organization in Spain, FINNOVA operates through collaborations and partnerships across EU countries. FINNOVA’s expertise in leading communication and dissemination activities for EU projects is coupled with strong proven experience in setting up businesses and entrepreneurial support programmes like accelerators, incubators and selection and award/ceremonial events. FINNOVA also supports EU projects through EU-level advocacy and analysis of legal and regulatory framework and barriers, to support the advancement of innovation across Europe.



Arctur (SI)

Arctur is a Hi-Tech SME and the main private-owned supplier of High Power Computing (HPC) services and solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. It has extensive experience in development and deployment of complex IT solutions, such as AI and Blockchain, in various sectors - from manufacturing to tourism, cultural heritage, public administration, and, most recently, health and medicine.

In tourism, Arctur is the initiator of an international Tourism 4.0 initiative and partnership to enable collaboration between all stakeholders of the smart tourism ecosystem to co-create enriched experiences with the help of the key enabling technologies from Industry 4.0.

Most notably, in the field of cultural tourism Arctur is known for its 3D digitization and digital interpretation projects that bridge the gaps between tourism, technology, cultural heritage and storytelling.


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